We have been getting some great questions from people interested in joining - here are some answers:

How many swim practices do I need to attend? It is up to you! We would love for you to swim regularly, but you can attend as many or as few practices as you like.

Do I have to compete in swim meets? No, there is no requirement to compete, but we hope that you do! There are many amazing meets to meet other swimmers, especially the IGLA Championships and Gay Games.

I’m a new swimmer/former high school swimmer/triathlete/etc…Is Minnesota Ice the right team for me? Absolutely! You do not need to know all the competitive strokes - all ability levels are welcome on our team.

I’m an ally? Can I still join? YES! We love our allies. Minnesota Ice is all-inclusive and welcomes all.

Do I need to be a member of USMS to participate? Yes - we require membership with USMS, as USMS provides liability insurance to us to ensure the health and safety of YOU!