As much as we can gather, Minnesota Ice Swim Club has been in existence for over 25 years. We started out competing as the “Minnesota Rainbow Trout” and made our first international appearance at the New York City Gay Games in 1994. Shortly after, in 1998, the name was officially changed to “Minnesota Ice” at IGLA in Amsterdam.

In the 2000’s until 2018, Minnesota Ice largely consisted of 1-2 members. In late 2018, two queer swimmers in Minneapolis sought to re-establish Minnesota Ice to once again have Minnesota join the ranks of other well-known cities that boast an all-inclusive, LGBTQ+ swim team. The team officially re-launched March 6th, 2019 and calls the Phillips Community Center pool its “home”.


Minnesota Ice (MN Ice for short) was re-established in late 2018 as a club swim team for local LGBTQ+ swimmers to train and compete together. Minnesota Ice both a play-on-words of the popular phrase “Minnesota nice”, as well as our standing as one of the most wintry and cold places in the continental United States - “ice”.


1994 Gay Games New York as the Minnesota Rainbow Trout

1995 Montreal IGLA

1996 Washington DC IGLA

1997 San Diego IGLA

1998 Amsterdam Gay Games as Minnesota Ice

1999 Atlanta IGLA

2000 - 2018 IGLA’s/Gay Games - The team consisted of 1-2 members, competing under the banner of Minnesota Ice

2019 IGLA New York the re-established Minnesota Ice makes it’s first international debut!