Arrive 15 Minutes Early.  The old adage applies: “if you’re on-time, you’re late”. Please arrive a little early so you can be on-deck a few minutes before practice starts (which includes showering!). Please be respectful of your fellow swimmers and the coach. Latecomers disrupt their lane and the coach’s practice. If you do arrive late, ask the coach where they are at in practice and join the lane where they are in the set. If you are late, swimming your own warm-up or starting practice from the beginning only continues to disrupt your lane and flow of the practice.

Swim the Coach's Practice.  
Everyone swims the same practice. Swimming something different interferes with the practice in progress. Don’t move on to the next part of practice if your lane is not ready. If you’re having difficulty with a specific set, talk to the coach.

Know Your Speed.  
The lane in which you swim is determined by the speed and ability of others at practice. Faster swimmers go first; slower swimmers go toward the end. If you are unsure of your speed, talk to the coach and they can assign you a lane or lane order.

Circle Swim Counter-Clockwise.  
The lanes move counter-clockwise. Square your turns: when approaching the wall swim to the left side, initiate your turn and push off straight. This ensures a straight push-off every time and also ensures you will not cross the path of the swimmer behind you.

Use a 5 Second Interval.  Watch the clock. Leave a full five seconds behind the swimmer in front of you. If your lane has very few swimmers, a longer 10 second interval may be used.

Pass Courteously.  If you catch the person in front of you, tap their foot to let them know you want to pass, and pass at the wall. If someone taps your foot, move to the side at the wall (not in the middle of the pool) and rejoin the set when there is enough space for you to enter without crowding other swimmers (this may mean waiting till the end of the line).

Get Out of the Way. If you need to rest during a set, stay far to one side of the lane at the wall or get out of the pool. Don't stand in the middle of the wall and block other swimmers from turning or finishing.

Return your Equipment. Return your kick board and pull buoy to the designated equipment area.

Encourage Your Lane Mates.  We are a team and a little bit of encouragement can go a long way during a difficult set. Stay positive! Everybody likes hearing “Great job!” during practice.

Thank Your Coach.  Our coaches volunteer because they are passionate about swimming and love the sport. A sincere “thank you” to our dedicated coaches makes them feel appreciated - and just might make their day!